Elegant. Exotic. Charismatic. There are some of the words students, the media and friends use to describe Sherlyn K, founder of Sirocco Secrets Dance Company and famed belly dancer. Known for the stage presence throughout South East Asia, Sherlyn is noted for her renowned performance abilities as well as patience and humility as a dance instructor.

Sherlyn has influenced the oriental dance landscape in Malaysia immeasurably. With a strong, dance background and training with some of the world’s greatest master teachers, her excellent reputation, talent and dance mastery has earned her critical acclaim, including numerous media features and articles, invitations to participate in prestigious national and international events, including Judge at the Global Asia Bellydance Competition and high profile Charity events for Malaysia’s high society and royalty.

A generous and sweet teacher, Sherlyn has attained international Teacher Training certification from various organizations, most notably from the Ahlan Wa Sahlan Teacher intensive Course in Cairo, Egypt. Winner of an International online dance competition casting for Bellydance Evolution (USA), a world class dance festival and show featuring top Middle Eastern dance artists, Sherlyn has travelled world-wide to teach and perform; China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, SIngapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Thailand and the Netherlands.

A creative soul, Sherlyn is known to explore the many innovations and variations in dance choreography. Her well-known technique is the Andaluzi style (Danza Mora), a fusion of belly dance and flamenco. To further enhance her technique, Sherlyn is currently mastering the art of the flamenco and has since obtained honours in the Flamenco Examination from the Spanish Dance Institute.